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Use Stories and Consumer Psychology to Persuade Better.

Slidello is a specialist ideation brand that helps businesses/entrepreneurs sell their meaningful ideas persuasively through strategic Presentation Slides, so that their audiences are transformed from passive recipients to active audiences of their content, and be mobilised into action.

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more than a designer

Worked with and for senior and C-level executives locally and internationally (from more than 10 countries) on high-level presentations and have had years of experience working in business and marketing functions in high-growth Fintech MNCs, which had widen my professional and creative perspective and skillsets.

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Worked with European designers for more than 4 years and mastered an eye for design. Every project is approached with design-led perspectives, high level of attention to details, and a deep focus on the client’s requirement.

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Had the exposure to multiple types of B2B slide content purposed for a variety of audiences and industry verticals. In addition, I actively develop new skills across multi-disciplines, get inspired from the brightest design practices globally and focus on building immersive and innovative slide concepts to bring the best out of my client’s content.

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Being agile and flexible allows me to execute projects with a higher degree of fluidity and be adventurous with new concept exploits (I believe that every business/ presentation story is unique), to provide maximum value.


PowerPoint Design Services Singapore


presentation design (VISUAL COMMUNICATION)

Conceptualize & redesign the structure and content of your existing PowerPoint/ Keynote presentation slides, based on your aspired goals, message, preferred style and using our resources & expertise to achieve your specific audience purposes.

Resources and expertise:

  • Ability to visualize and strategize key content and data sets
  • Extensive library of high quality photo images
  • Professional design tools and techniques
  • Copywriting
  • Branding
  • Typography know-how


presentation template

Help you create a professional template with easily editable and fillable content for you and your team’s easy usage and to achieve consistency across all your sales presentations. This would save you time and the need to copy-and-paste between slides and decks.

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presentation content

Keynote | Sales |  Corporate | Training | Explainer | Product | Pitch Decks
Carefully perform comprehensive research on all areas relating to your unique topic, business requirements and target audience. Then draw on research insights and using the mechanics of persuasion, storytelling and Consumer Psychology to sell your idea and craft a compelling story for your pitch, corporate and sales presentation deck.

Bid Proposal/ RFP Presentation deck
Work with you to prepare a  customised solution with action plan supported by effective and impactful visual aids for your proposal.


Motion Graphics Animation Video

Aspire to humanise your brand with compelling audience-centric video storytelling.

Let Slidello help you with the following services to persuasively invite your audience to become a part of your story and move them to action:

  • Inquisitive Research
  • Ideation
  • Storyboarding
  • Script
  • Illustration
  • Animation
  • Voiceover & sound
  • Video Editing


"We got Slidello to help with our proposal deck to our client, and the team has been nothing short of phenomenal. They were quick to respond to our queries, understand our market and put a string of good ideas into the final deliverable for us.
We will definitely work with and recommend them for future projects."
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"Jocelyn has been a great presentation consultant in engaging with and in tune with delivering the theme we were going for. Despite having to deal with a lack of content (due to confidentiality reasons on our side), she devoted time to understand our requirements and went the extra mile to research on the terms and concepts that were complicated. Will highly recommend her for your presentation needs."
"Jocelyn’s creativity in ideas and designs amazes us, constantly pushing boundaries we never thought of. It still amazes me how she conceptualised 4 of my slides into 1, and made it visually impactful and engaging - it aided my story during my presentation and my audience even complimented “it’s like watching a video on a slide”. Truly appreciate her enthusiasm in understanding our requirements and commitment to our project. We look forward to working with her on more projects."
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Why Professional Help for Your Content?

You will need to invest many hours researching, brainstorming and writing if you aim to create a presentation that your audience will appreciate.

The Presentation Design and Content Services that Slidello provides would take over these activities from you, and thereby allowing you to focus your efforts on your core business.

Presentation Design Singapore

Sometimes you’ll never know who’s in your audience, and you’ll never know who they know. If you deliver value, and they like your message, you have no idea what kind of doors it will open for you.”

Be More Persuasive
In Your Next Presentation/ Explainer Video

Please feel free to get in touch for a confidential discussion to explore how Slidello can be of service to you.

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