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Customer Success Story: Investor Presentation


Helped a client revamp a multi-million dollars sales pitch deck intended for a group of investors within the eSports media industry.

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Opportunity & Challenge

The client needed a presentation that was professional and had strong visual impressions, capable of evoking emotions of “excitement” and “adrenaline-rush” in his audience. He also needed to work with a team who understood pitch strategy, financial projections, and could advise him on his content.

In the beginning, our team came up with a professional corporate looking deck and thought the client would be blown away by the solution, but, we were the ones who were blown away when he showed us a sample style that he liked, very specific to his industry.
There and then we understood that it wasn’t the usual corporate-typed presentation deck he was looking for. Instead, what he was seeking required an entirely new set of visual techniques to portray a brand identity of “excitement” and “class”, and that, was an extreme rare sight in the business world.

Eventually we took up the design challenge because of our passion and drive for developing new conceptual ideas.

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In close collaboration with the client, the team fully committed 3 weeks to:

  • understand the topic at hand
  • develop content based on his unique business requirements
  • experiment and ideate different techniques and concepts that would bring out the preferred style
  • thoroughly tailor and refine the elements to fit client’s unique content, and such that goal congruence and consistency is achieved across all slides
  • craft a template that the client could easily input his new content based on the created designs
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After the final design and content solution was advised and presented to the client, the team received a repeated commendation of “great job” and “you rose up to the challenge”.
The client’s appreciation was an affirmation that we had delivered the emotionally driven content that he was looking for.
All in all, this design challenge had really expanded our horizons.

Keep an eye on this space to find out what his audience thinks of his presentation.

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"We got Slidello to help with our proposal deck to our client, and the team has been nothing short of phenomenal. They were quick to respond to our queries, understand our market and put a string of good ideas into the final deliverable for us. We will definitely work with and recommend them for future projects."
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